Greg Kroah-Hartman

As I had this asked to me 3 times today (once in irc, and twice in email), no, the 5.3 kernel release is NOT the next planned Long Term Supported (LTS) release.

I've been saying for a few years now that I would pick the “last released” kernel of the year to be the next LTS release. And as per the wonderful pointy-hair-crystal-ball, that looks to be the 5.4 kernel release this year.

So, count on it being 5.4, unless something really bad happens in that release, such as people throwing in loads of crud because they “need” it for the LTS release. If that happens again, I'll just have to pick a different release...

On my personal blog I spend over 4000 words describing just a part of my normal kernel development workflow, all from within the mutt email client.

It's long, and probably boring to anyone who isn't used to text-mode email clients, but at least I have a place to point people why they ask why kernel developers don't use gmail...

As everyone seems to like to put kernel trees up on github for random projects (based on the crazy notifications I get all the time), I figured it was time to put up a “semi-official” mirror of all of the stable kernel releases on

It can be found at:

It differs from Linus's tree at: in that it contains all of the different stable tree branches and stable releases and tags, which many devices end up building on top of.

So, mirror away!

Also note, this is a read-only mirror, any pull requests created on it will be gleefully ignored, just like happens on Linus's github mirror.