Custom message-ids with mutt and coolname

Message-ID's are used to identify and retrieve messages from the public-inbox archive on, so it's only natural to want to use memorable ones. Or maybe it's just me.

Regardless, here's what I do with neomutt and coolname:

  1. If coolname isn't yet packaged for your distro, you can install it with pip:

    pip install --user coolname
  2. Create this file as ~/bin/

    import sys
    import random
    import string
    import datetime
    import platform
    from coolname import generate_slug
    parts = []
    parts.append(''.join(random.choices(string.hexdigits, k=6)).lower())
    sys.stdout.write('-'.join(parts) + '@' + platform.node().split('.')[0])
  3. Create this file as ~/.mutt-fix-msgid:

    my_hdr Message-ID: <`/path/to/my/bin/`>
  4. Add this to your .muttrc (works with mutt and neomutt):

    send-hook . "source ~/.mutt-fix-msgid"
  5. Enjoy funky message-id's like 20240227-flawless-capybara-of-drama-e09653@lemur. :)